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John P. McDonald has practiced law for more than 45 years, first with the U.S. Government, and since 1985, in a private law practice in Vancouver, WA, where his practice emphasizes: health care, commercial and business law, and administrative and regulatory law.
As a lawyer in a diverse, private law practice for more than 45 years, John McDonald has provided trusted counsel in a confidential environment, emphasizing personal service to his clients and providing wise counsel and recommendations based upon good judgment about how best to serve the client and the client's goals and needs. Mr. McDonald knows that each client has both short-term objectives and long-term goals in seeking solutions to the problems presented by the client, and he works carefully to obtain the client's trust so that he can identify precisely those client's goals and the means to attain them.
His evaluations and recommendations are made and given in absolute confidence and the work to achieve those objectives is carried out expeditiously. He understands also that providing advice and counsel regarding legal issues is one part of providing an effective solution—the other part is providing personal service and attention so that the entire scope of those issues can be understood on a personal level.
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John McDonald seeks to address each issue presented to him as though that issue was his own, requiring his best judgment, his wisest counsel, and his focused dedication to serving the client's legal and financial interests.

No matter how complex your case may seem, John McDonald will get to the bottom of it and fight for the rights you deserve. Learn more about our expert legal representation and discuss your case by calling 360-696-4122 today.